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November Rumours Roundup – The Camera Crowd
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November Rumours Roundup

By November 27, 2018 No Comments

Recently there has been a large spree of different camera rumours, so the is where you’ll find a rundown of them all.

New Canon Mirrorless

Canon have started to create a strong ecosystem with their amazing RF mount lenses (28-70mm f/2, 50mm f/1.2) despite the somewhat disappointing specs of the EOS R. There are rumours however of a new high resolution camera coming out from Canon. With it being clear that they have been focusing their resources on the mirrorless market, it is expected that the upgrade to the 5DS/5DS R will be a high megapixel-count mirrorless (either 50MP or 75MP depending on which rumours you choose to believe) which will properly be able to  make full use of the amazing Canon L-glass. Does this mean Canon DSLRs are dying?

Sony 8K sensor

There’s no questioning that Sony have been producing some of the best mirrorless cameras on the market with the a7 full frame and the a6 crop sensor lines. With the a7s III and a7000/6700 hotly anticipated there have been surprisingly few Sony rumours until now. 

It is rumoured that Sony will release not one, but TWO 8K full frame sensors with these stats:

Sensor 1


16 Channels

8k30P @ 12bit 

8k60P @ 10bit

4k60P @ 12bit

1080p 300fps @ 10bit

Sensor 2




On-chip PDAF

Regardless of whether or not you will use this hardware, it is undoubtedly a big step in video production (RED being the only 8k camera at a reasonable price currently).

Canon C300 Mark III

Four years since the last C300 instalment with the Mark II, it makes sense that Canon are now working on its successor. From online rumours it sounds like the C300 III would include internal 4K recording with an option to upgrade to 8K. It could also contain 4:4:4 recording as well as new EIS. Will these new high resolution sensors from Canon and Sony form the landscape for next year’s camera releases?

L-Mount Cinema Camera

It wasn’t a long time since Panasonic’s ‘8K organic sensor’ was just a fairytale dream, but tased on a post by ‘tillhavis’ on ‘dvxuser’ this perfect filmmakers camera is not far fetched on the basis of the Panasonic’s S1 sensor.

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