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Is The 700D Really Worth It? – The Camera Crowd

Is The 700D Really Worth It?

By March 2, 2018 No Comments

The Canon 700D, the well known start out vlogging camera – but after 2 years with it, is it really worth getting?

Personally, after using this for 2 years I’m not going to lie, I certainly love it – but I do have flaws with it.

Here’s a list of my favourite features about the 700D and why I chose it at the time.

  • The Flip Out Screen

For vloggers, a flip out screen is essential so they can position themselves in a shot with good composure.

  • The Price Point

Lets not even try to argue, for the price of this camera and the advantages of it, its a steal of a price. I bought it with an 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit and it was roughly £700/$950 which was expensive at the time but the price has dropped and you can now pick it up for about £490/$670 which has dropped but just over £200 which makes it pretty good, and that’s a lens kit package so you can actually get it cheaper for just the body)

  • The Battery Life

I film weddings with this along with other jobs and in 2 years of usage I’ve run off 3 batteries, 1 Canon Battery + 2 Duracell Batteries, and they all last around 3-5 hours depending on usage. I always keep the batteries charged and I’ve never missed a shot because of battery life.

  • The Card Format

SD Cards are amazing, once you move up to gear such as the 1DX Mark 2 you start to use C-Fast cards which are EXTREMELY expensive compared to the normal SD Cards, and most PCs/Laptops have an SD Card reader built in which makes them super versatile.

  • Lens Compatibility

The Canon 700D is amazing at taking lenses, since it is an APS-C sensor it can support EF lenses along with EF-S lenses which basically covers you for most Canon Lenses, unlike the Full Frame Cameras that only support the EF Lenses unless an adapter is used.

  • The All-Round Durability

As you can see in the picture, I’ve put this camera through its paces in the past 2 years and I’ve had no major issues with it and even though it’s not all metal its a sturdy camera. It’s understand0 degrees up to 45 degrees and it’s been perfect.


But there are some negatives to it. For example;


  • The Video Quality

The Video is in 1080p 30fps max and that for me isn’t amazing but I understand as it isn’t an overly new camera but I would prefer an extra 30fps or maybe even 90fps if possible.


  • The Mic Input Location

For some odd reason, Canon placed the 700D’s mic, remote, HDMI & USB inputs/outputs literally right in front of the flip out screen so either you cover some of the screen or you get the cables in a tangle trying to rewire the mic around the screen.


But that’s really all I think about it, If you’re looking for a solid starter camera and can afford it, then go for it – you won’t regret it. If you’re looking for something slightly newer than the 700D, you should check out the 750D which is slightly more but is pretty good still.



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