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It’s Okay to Fail – The Camera Crowd

It’s Okay to Fail

By April 18, 2018 No Comments

Every creative has these days & honestly they’re pretty eye opening. Sometimes stuff just DOESN’T WORK, whether that is your equipment malfunctioning or the vision you were trying to create just doesn’t turn out the way you planned. It’s totally okay. As someone that looks into the negative side of things more than the positive (i’m working on this daily, it’s my motto “Be Positive”) it’s nice to have a day to put into perspective that i am NOT the best at this whole video/photo thing & i need to keep working daily to get better, to become someone people look at and say “damn, you’re good”.

 This past weekend i took out my drone for the first time since before it even snowed here in Alberta because i need some practice before i record for my docs & it just didn’t work. The memory card wasn’t working with my Phantom 3, no image feed to my phone, that makes it basically pointless to fly as it couldn’t write to the memory card to record footage.

The next time i took the drone out thinking my problems have been solved it decided to NOT WORK AGAIN but this time the footage was super shaky. You couldn’t even salvage it, it was terrible. So back home i go, this time it was the gimbal, that alone still confuses me because the last time i flew it, it was totally fine! 


Here is a clip of how shaky it looked! 

[video src="https://thecameracrowd.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/badfooty.mp4" /]

Anyways, i ended up tightening all the screws i could see because the “yaw arm” (the one that looks like an L and holds the drone camera) was scraping the top plate making it not move smoothly. Once all screws were tightened it moved smoothly & from what i’ve previewed, the footage finally looks good.


preview after fix

[video src="https://thecameracrowd.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/good-footy.mp4" /]

That was basically my life recently, a lot of failure but can’t let that hold me back, i have ideas i need to make reality. It’s all about the hustle. 

The Camera Crowd now has a YouTube channel, i will be posting there soon!!
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