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Featured: Julliana Fromigia – The Camera Crowd

Featured: Julliana Fromigia

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About Julliana Fromigia

I am a 16 year old photographer and cinematographer from New York. I mainly shoot portraits, but I also enjoy taking landscapes and subject photography. I have always been fascinated by photography and cinematography and through YouTube and Instagram I have been able to express my interests. I plan on attending college where I would studying film while still taking pictures and pursuing YouTube as hobbies.

Perspective is a major part of photography as shown here. It looks like the subject is being held up by two figures where in reality he’s jumping in front of graffiti.

I used a glass cube to add a reflection in this picture along with a variety of lighting colors in the room to draw attention to the subject.

Leading lines in a great way to draw a viewers attention to the subject. In this case the fence centers the attention onto the subject who is centered in the picture so it seems the fence is pointing directly at the subject.

If you enjoyed reading about Julliana or you are interested in purchasing work, make sure to check out her links below! 



Photographer & Cinematographer // SoaR Gaming