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The Canon 10-18mm Lens – The Camera Crowd

The Canon 10-18mm Lens

By March 3, 2018 No Comments

This lens is absolutely amazing all round lens.

Well, it does the job that it is supposed to do, while looking amazing. For vloggers that consider the Canon APS-C cameras, like the 700D that I talked about in a previous article, this is the best wide lens that you can buy for the price. The downside to it? The aperture, it’s a 4.5-5.6 Lens compared to its slightly more expensive brother the Canon 10-22mm USM lens which has an aperture if 3.5-4.5 which really isn’t that different but for some people that shoot in Low light conditions, it may be the make or break on whether to buy the lens. I only got this lens in December and honestly it’s my most used lens recently, it has the super wide 10mm with basically no distortion but has the 18mm which can be really nice for cropping in on a face while vlogging.

Casey Neistat’s go to lens was either the 10-18 or 10-22 lens as he said in a video and it shows in his videos as they capture a ton of stuff all in the one frame. I couldn’t find the video where he said that but in this, you can see that he is using a 10-22 lens!

If you have £200 to go and spend on a lens or you decide to buy.  an APS-C Canon camera and want to vlog, then honestly go any buy this lens as it is a beast of a lens for the price.

Also, I would like to thank you for the support of the launch of the website! It was awesome to get some feedback on what people were thinking! We don’t have any set schedule but we plan on setting up notifications so whenever we post, you get a notification! Until next time!



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